As designers we can re-design our experience of design education. Our starting point? An investigation into the culture and sense of community of the York University and Sheridan College Joint Program in Design. You can email me

This week: a conversation with Victor Stelmasuk, designer and alumnus of the Köln International School of Design (KISD). 

Victor first studied design in Brazil. He then went to Köln (Cologne), as well as Glasgow and Paris to complete his Masters of European Design.

[00:00:56.08] KISD, Brazil, and the Masters of European Design

[00:05:28.08] At the Glasgow School of Art

[00:10:30.12] At Les Ateliers in Paris

[00:12:32.18] At KISD

[00:17:26.21] Discovering Service Design

[00:20:15.25] At the Service Design Network

Transcript available on Google docs.

Check out Victor’s work at

Last November, we talked to Jay of Studio Jaywall, former student of the Toronto York/Sheridan Design Program (YSDN).

We covered everything from his experience in YSDN to his work at Wondereur (winner of a Gold Canadian Online Publishing Award) to backpacktivism in Guatemala.

[00:00:27.06] YSDN Experience

[00:05:23.13] Verso & Grad Show

[00:08:04.06] Being Social Post-YSDN

[00:10:08.01] Wondereur and a little on the business side of Studio Jaywall

[00:20:33.11] YSDN Takeaways

[00:25:09.27] Guatemala/Operation Groundswell

Transcript available on Google Docs.

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“ […] You’re not getting money from this. Why are you doing this?” but I wasn’t expecting any money or awards or anything from this. It was more like I had an amazing time interning there and I wanted to share that experience.
Olivia Klugh, on organizing the student-run YSDN New York Studio Tour 2011 

The final chapter is here!

In February 2011, Olivia Klugh led a studio tour to New York.

Students from the York University/Sheridan College Joint Program in Design (YSDN) stayed in the city for four nights and visited some of the major design studios: Interbrand, Mother New York, New York Magazine, Huge Inc., Pentagram.

In part 3 we cover:

[00:00:00.00] Olivia’s inspiration for the trip

[00:04:27.07] Staying in touch, Huge Inc., and new opportunities

[00:07:42.07] What’s going on with Olivia?

[00:09:51.18] Advice for students?

Transcript available on Google docs.  

Listen to parts 1 and 2 on soundcloud

It’s scary hearing yourself from over a year ago, but here’s the second podcast from the making of the YSDN Co.Create videos!

Throughout the filming process for YSDN Co.Create during the 2010–2011 Fall/Winter semester, my co-founder (Haley) and I shot vlogs as documentation. This is the second in our mini-series; our documented process in the form of audio podcasts for a little play by play of our experience.

Check out the set with all of The Process podcasts on soundcloud

A Half Year in Review

What has YSDN Co.Create been doing since its launch? What are we working on now?
What are we hoping to do in the coming year? 


We wanted to share with you what’s been going on. We might be days away from February, but we’re doing this anyway.

So…what have we been doing?

Videos: The YSDN Co.Create series of video shorts has 19 videos. We like to think of the videos as a design critique session of the York/Sheridan undergraduate design program (YSDN), through the opinions of members of its community (i.e.: students, faculty, staff, administration). 

The series includes 5 Visits shorts, where we talk to students from different design programs (Parsons, The Bauhaus, Ryerson) to learn about their experiences.

We’ve been staggering our video releases since October 2nd, 2012, and there are still a few to go. Our first release? All about making mistakes…

Check out YSDN Co.Create on vimeo.

Blog + Social Media: is the hub for all our content. We’re also live on facebook and twitter to make sure you’re getting all the good stuff. 

If you’ve liked us and haven’t been getting updates, turn on notifications under the “Liked” button on our page! Facebook UI is sneaky like that…

Sunday Podcast: We loved hearing about other people’s experiences of design education while working on the YSDN Co.Create Visits videos. The Sunday podcast was our way of continuing to share those types of stories. What can we learn from other design programs? 

So far we’ve released 8 podcasts with students and design professionals. We’ve talked to students from the School for Visual Arts in New York, and (spoilers!) Köln International School for Design, and Waterloo Architecture, to name a few.  


Events: Design Social and Design Social: Caffeine Edition are our two main events. 

Design Social was started by current YSDN third year, Silvia Stroie. It’s the once a month get together, where we can have a couple drinks, and get to know one another outside of the academic bubble. In the long term, we’d like to invite more established industry professionals.

Its offshoot, Design Social: Caffeine Edition, is our weekly casual conversation over coffee.
Each Saturday we invite young Toronto creatives from different fields to join us, like JP King, writer/artist/printer/designer of Paper Pusher (get awesome risograph printing for your stuff!).

Caffeine Edition is every Saturday, so you can drop in whenever you like throughout the semester. As far as both socials go, we’re 10 events in and still going strong. 

What’s happening now?

We’re getting back into things after the new year. With Toronto Design Offsite Festival happening this past week, we had our first Design Social: Caffeine Edition of 2013 yesterday afternoon.

We were hanging out at our new location CSI Annex Coffee Pub, part of the amazing communal workspace in CSI Annex

Interested in future events? We’ll keep you up to date on facebook and @ysdncocreate

What about this coming year?

In the long run, design education isn’t just about YSDN. We’ve all heard education is a lifelong process. YSDN Co.Create started out of an interest in making the most of right now.

For February, we’re seeking out the designers of the written word to do a little blogging on We’d love to work with you.


More info coming soon, but if you can’t wait, send us an email with the subject “Blogging Co.Create” to and let us know what you’d be interested in writing about. 

@ysdncocreate | facebook | vimeo

I was able to talk to them and get their business cards and just even say hi and let them know who we are because most of them didn’t know about York/Sheridan, and now they do.

— Olivia Klugh on the YSDN NYC Studio Tour 2011

Interested in the YSDN NYC Studio Tour 2013? Join the facebook event for more updates! Big opportunities for networking, internships, and getting your program name out there, not to mention a look into a studio’s process. 

Check out our podcast below or on soundcloud for the inside scoop on the 2011 tour. 

In February 2011, a group of 30+ YSDN students headed across the border to New York City for four days.

Here’s the first part of my conversation with YSDN alumnus main trip organizer, Olivia Klugh, who also happened to be one of my roommates on the trip.

Part one is a little intro to the experience of visiting these studios:

[00:00:30.10] So what this trip anyway? And other basic info.

[00:04:08.05] What studios did we visit? Starting with Interbrand!

[00:06:21.00] Mother New York

[00:08:41.26] Huge Inc.

[00:11:08.00] Pentagram

Later on we talk the process of organizing a trip of this magnitude, as well as the awesome inspiration behind it all. 

Transcript available on Google Docs