As designers we can re-design our experience of design education. Our starting point? An investigation into the culture and sense of community of the York University and Sheridan College Joint Program in Design. You can email me

Design Social: back before the holidays!

The end of the semester and holidays are near…and the original Design Social is back! There are conversations and drinks to be had, and we could all use a little end of semester/holiday celebrating, right?

We’ll be taking over the lounge area of the Melody bar! 

Thursday December 5th
6:30pm at The Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West

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This will be our last social of 2012, so let’s do a little end of year socializing. Can’t wait to see you there!

Since the info session for exchanges was last week…

YSDN Co.Create talks to current 4th year student, Iain Campbell, about his year on exchange at The Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany

[00:00:00.00] Courses at the Bauhaus

[00:01:58.01] Travelling on a Budget (and while at School) 

[00:05:06.24] European Design Events

[00:06:17.11] Comparing Approaches: YSDN vs. the Bauhaus

[00:09:06.29] Life outside of School (a foreign concept for YSDN, yes?)

[00:11:29.01] Weimar Parties!

[00:13:32.16] Learning the German Language

[00:16:21.12] Socializing at the Bauhaus

The transcript is available on Google Docs

I think service design could really come to the rescue here. Because we’re pretty good at managing complexity when it comes to dealing with people and their needs and requirements. And what I just want to propose is using some of our tools […] basically shifting the focus from the end consumer to our own people.
Thomas Schönweitz, CEO of Whitespring in How Do You Build Your Team?

I brought back a little something from the Service Design Network Germany Conference 2012

Thomas Schönweitz, CEO of service design studio, Whitespring, spoke about using service design within our own organizations to create great cultures and sustainable businesses.

What happens if we apply these ideas to design education?

What is Service Design? Check out this short video: This is Service Design Thinking

**This talk was recorded at the Service Design Network Germany Conference 2012. The talk was given by CEO of Whitespring  Thomas Schönweitz. This material belongs to Thomas, and has been posted with his permission.

Transcript available on Google Docs

The youthful idealism of two years past!

In our final year of YSDN, Haley Anderson and I (Alex Bain) co-founded YSDN Co.Create in Angela Iarocci’s Sustainable Design course. 

To document our process we shot vlogs for Angela. We thought we’d share our experience podcast-style, so here’s the first edition in our process mini-series!

(transcription coming soon)

Design Social: Caffeine Edition Update!

You may have heard through the social media grapevine that YSDN Co.Create is now collaborating with the Design Social guru, Silvia Stroie, on Design Social: Caffeine Edition. 

What is Design Social: Caffeine Edition?
It’s a new weekly design social at a Toronto café.
Every Saturday we’ll have 2-3 Toronto-based creatives join us for coffee and conversation.

Why do a Caffeine Edition?
Caffeine Edition is a way we as YSDNers can really start to connect with Toronto’s downtown creative scene.

We get a chance to ask questions of YSDN alumni or designers in neighbouring fields like industrial design, urban design, and architecture. We’ll even have guests who work in other areas like education, business development, and healthcare innovation. If you have someone in mind, let us know!

Caffeine Edition is about flexing those design thinking muscles. What kind of challenges are other people facing? How can we use our design skills?

Who are we hanging out with this Saturday (Nov. 10)?

  • JP King: artist, writer, designer, printer, currently running Paper Pusher ( a small-batch publisher and print service in Little Italy
  • Markus Doerr: Ryerson Interior Design Student involved in organizing the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (
  • Michael Sakalauskas: Urban Planning at University of Buffalo, now turned to 3D modeling


Where and when is Design Social: Caffeine Edition?
We’re at The Roastery in 401 Richmond at 1pm on Saturdays.

401 Richmond is also a great community of artists, entrepreneurs, designers. It houses galleries, exhibits, and the arguably the best design bookstore in the city, Swipe Books.

The Roastery is a perfect location because it’s surprisingly not too busy for a Toronto café on a Saturday. Also 16 oz. coffee = $1.75.

Our plan is to stick to The Roastery, but if you have any suggestions for new locations we’re always open to new ideas. Let us know on facebook or at

See you Saturday!

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